The Sky Is NOT The Limit


Growing up, I used to always hear the phrase, “The sky is the limit.”

As my son was preparing to graduate high school and was mapping out his college plans and we as a family, were preparing to make the move back to New York, I began to think about that above phrase.

Being a words person, one who breaks down and researches the meaning and origin of words to determine their value and proper use, I started to reflect on my relationship with the Lord and how that phrase didn’t truly capture what I had come to know and learn for myself.

We serve a God, whom ALL power has been given to. There is NO limit to ALL that the Lord is capable of accomplishing in our lives.

Knowing this truth, my husband, children and I adopted as our family mantra, “The sky is not the limit.” My son’s senior class liked the phrase so much, they had it screen-printed on their Class of 2015 shirts.

I was very grateful for the opportunity to share that with them; with the hopes of encouraging and reminding them that they could do ALL things, through Christ who strengthens them.

How can we say what the limit should be to where we can go and what we will be able to achieve and obtain when we serve a miracle-working God, who has shown us time and time again that NOTHING is too impossible for Him?

In the past, I have been guilty of putting limitations on the Lord and placing Him in a box. My natural sight was not in alignment with my spiritual senses and so I couldn’t even fathom the degree to which God could and would do exceedingly and infinitely beyond anything I could ever ask or think of, in my life.

But oh, when you live a life surrendered to the Lord, withholding nothing, you will see for yourself that, “The sky is NOT the limit.”

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!



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