Using My Faith In The Lord Means….My Feature of the Week

Using My Faith in the Lord Means……

That I will trust the heart of the Lord more than I trust my own sight. I don’t need to see the work happening, to know that it is being done.

Using My Faith In the Lord Means……

Having faith in His timing as well. I have come to learn that I don’t desire to obtain anything any sooner than God intended for me to have it in the first place.

Using My Faith In the Lord Means……

That no matter how fiery the trials may feel nor how ferocious the storms may rage, they couldn’t happen without God’s approval. Because He signed off on it, I know that EVERY encounter, test, trial, circumstance and situation is working together for my good.

I am SO EXCITED because on this day, I am being featured on Breadcrumbs of Faith – Use Your Faith Feature of the Week, which is one of my favorite blogs for inspiration and motivation. There is a testimony that I am sharing, regarding my FAITH in the Lord.

I would love it if you’d visit the site, check it out and share your feedback with me. And please, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Breadcrumbs of Faith blog. I know it will bless you as it does me.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, here is the link to do so: Your Soul’s Navigational GPS For Sale. And please feel free to share the link with others.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!



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