As we continue along our journey with the Lord, it is so important that we REMAIN OBEDIENT and KEEP TRUSTING in Him.

As most know, towards the end of last year, I took time out to bring together the knowledge that I have gained and all that the Lord continues to reveal to me, so that it could be captured in book form.

This book was birthed out of what initially began as a Monday morning inspirational and motivational email to a few family members and friends. It eventually evolved into a weekly and then daily blog that has been blessed to reach individuals both known and unknown; residing here in the United States and internationally in places like Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, Russia and the Caribbean.

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, is a daily devotional unlike any other that someone will come across. Where most devotionals are date and page-driven, this book has 365 different verses, personal testimonies and suggested songs of meditation that are divided up among six different topics.

I went through the 646 daily blogs posts that I have shared over the past few years and chose 365 of them to be modified and revised.

With Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, it is my desire that each person will allow their souls to guide them, like a compass, to the page or pages that they elect to read on a given day. My ultimate objective is to keep everyone encouraged as they navigate the course that God has set before them today, tomorrow and all the other days, weeks, months and years ahead of them.

I have given this book the hashtag #InspirationWithNoExpiration.

**If you desire to get your copy of the book, you can purchase it at either one of the two following links below**

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS Available On Amazon.

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS Available Online At Barnes And Noble.

Oh how I LOVE Jesus because He FIRST loved me!!! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!




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