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First I Became A Publisher Author….Now I Have My First Magazine Appearance — Thank You God!!

When I look back over each day that I have been blessed to live thus far, I am so grateful. No matter what each day entailed, I have counted it ALL joy; knowing that it was preparing me for a time such as this.

There was a specific purpose that God had for my life. It began 11 years ago with my AMJ: A Mother’s Journey clothing line and then it transitioned to AMJ: A Memorable Journey (my wedding and event planning business). But something was missing and so over five years ago I began sending out weekly Monday morning inspirational emails to a select group of friends and family, which transformed into a daily blog that began reaching people here in the US, in the Caribbean, Europe, Russia and everywhere in between.

But there was still more work to do and when the Lord told me it was time to write my book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, my initial thought was, “Who am I to create a devotional that would be written, packaged and presented in a way unlike any other devotional written before it?” And that was when God said, “You’re my daughter who has been adopted back into that heavenly heritage, is there anything too impossible for me to do and through you?” And I knew the answer, “Absolutely not.”

So, I put the questions to rest and on May 15th my first book was published. Standing on my faith, climbing out the boat and stepping out onto the water, where ALL I had as my anchor was the Lord, who in actuality was all I needed anyway, was the BEST thing I could have ever done and has created opportunities and divine connections that would not have been possible if I had given up or stopped believing in what the Lord had spoken over my life.

Now today in the mail, I received my copy of Today’s Purpose Woman Magazine’s Fall Issue, where my role as writing partner is emphasized, one of my articles is printed inside and listed on the front cover and a pretty awesome book ad, for Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, is included.

NONE of this would be possible without the Lord and I know this is only the beginning. As I strive to be the atmosphere changer and instrument of inspiration and encouragement that the Lord has called me to be, I also desire to leave a legacy that reflects just how AMAZING the Lord has been in my life. My great-grandchildren’s children WILL know my name!! BELIEVE THAT!!

Because of that and so so much more, I say, “Thank you Lord, GREAT is thy faithfulness!!”

Whether via the purchase of Your Soul’s Navigational GPS on Amazon,  my Encouragement for Your Journey blog posts, my Today’s Purpose Woman articles (that can be found under the “Articles” tab here on my Encouragement for Your Journey website) or any other platforms that the Lord creates or orchestrates for me; my prayer is to keep each of you inspired and empowered as you strive to live your life ON PURPOSE.

Be Blessed!!



Healed People…..HEAL PEOPLE

Recently, my husband, children and I have had many conversations that revolved around the central theme that, “Hurt people, hurt people.”

It honestly wasn’t until a few years ago, that I ever heard that phrase. At that time, I joked and said, “I wish someone would have told me that three decades ago.” The phrase resonated so deeply with me because, in the past I devoted so much of my life trying to uncover what I could have done to be on the receiving end of the unfavorable circumstances that I found many of my relationships in.

That was when I began to gain greater insight into just how deep brokenness can, not only be rooted within a person, but how it can in turn be a driving factor in the decisions made and the actions that a person takes; whether that is done consciously or unconsciously.

I know this to be true because, I am aware of the decisions and the actions I took part in, within my broken state.

The ability to be healed should not be determined by or dependent upon any one person. We can’t free ourselves from the hurt or pain, nor are we in the position to change the hearts of another person. There is only ONE WAY to be freed, restored and healed and that is through Christ.

When we come to Him as we are and surrender every area of our lives to Him, yokes are broken and chains are destroyed. That pain from our past gets served its eviction notice, as we walk in the new creation that we have become; where we have been granted access to forgiveness, a boundless and steadfast love, grace and mercies that begin afresh each morning and a Heavenly Father who promises to never leave us, nor forsake us.

When we know better, we do better. And when the SOVEREIGN God we serve brings restoration, breakthrough, deliverance and healing into your life, it’s not through your natural senses that you tend to view your situations from anymore. Instead, through your spiritual senses, you trust the heart of the Lord and recognize how because of the healing that you have received, you have now been positioned to be an instrument of healing for someone else.

Who God has been to you, where He has brought you from and all that He continuously brings you through was NEVER meant for you to keep to yourself!!

Be Ready and Be Blessed!!




I Will Never Forget — 9/11 (16 Years Later)

There are many days that hold a significant place in my heart and today is one of those days. There is not ONE September 11th that goes by where I do not recall where I was at the moment we were devastated by the tragic events that occurred on that day.

I was active duty in the Air Force and pregnant with my oldest daughter at that time and like everyone else, was paralyzed with disbelief at what was occurring, both in the place I was born (NYC) and also so close to where I worked and lived in the DC metro area. So many precious lives were lost. I won’t ever understand hatred and on that day, it was made so apparent to me, that so much happens in life that is beyond our control and surpasses our comprehension; and that is why it is a MUST that we trust in the Lord at ALL times.

Psalm 62:8 reminds us, “Trust in, lean on, rely on, and have confidence in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is a refuge for us (a fortress and a high tower). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!

When we open up our hearts and pour out ourselves to the Lord, like a fortress and high tower, the Lord WILL shelter us. There are times when unforeseen circumstances will arise in our lives and we could be inclined to think that the Lord has turned away from us, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

In all that we endure and go through, the Lord promises to never leave us nor forsake us. The Lord cares for us and promises to come to our rescue and be our refuge. We can be experiencing the highest of the highs and before we are given the opportunity to blink our eyes, we can be blindsided by the lowest of valley lows.

But remember, the Lord is NEVER off duty and is ALWAYS present.

Since September 11, 2001, I have learned for myself, that God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and well-proven help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). The Lord’s truth endures in every situation and His mercy is everlasting.

Because of September 11th, so much has changed. As I go in and out the city, I have that visual reminder, every time I see the One World Trade Center now.

I won’t ever forget those who sacrificed their lives on that day; and will continue to pray for those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. As a prayer warrior, I also won’t stop interceding on behalf of our nation as whole because there is absolutely NO time or room for hatred, of any kind, or on any level.

Life is too short and we have been given the opportunity, through Christ, to make a positive impact in the world we live in and be that change that we desire to see around us.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!


When God’s SUPER Meets Your Natural….You Better Watch Out!!

What a journey it has been since releasing my first book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS: Daily Encouragement for Your Journey through God’s Word, Personal Testimonies and Songs, just a little over two months ago.

I have had some of the most unexpected blessings occur and divine connections established. But there were also ties that had to be cut and additional work that had to be accomplished in order for the book to be, ultimately, all that God had declared and predestined that it would be.

Our Heavenly Father is a God of order. I am so grateful that He loves me so much that He connects all the dots and rearranges my steps when I’m not even aware that anything is misplaced or out of order.

We serve a God who is our destiny and where it all begins. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

As the lyrics to one of my favorite praise and worship songs states, “I will remain confident in this, I WILL see the goodness of the Lord.” God is a provider, healer, deliverer, way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and light in the darkness. Is there ANYTHING too hard for Him?

When the GREAT I AM, is working in the midst of our situations ANYTHING is possible, so you better get ready!!!

God needs no time at all to turn our circumstances around. I can personally attest to that. In these past few months (like He has previously) my family and I have watched the Lord come through in such a way that it couldn’t be said that anyone, BUT, the Lord did it. And He’s not even done yet.

Each challenge that my family and I face, I view as an opportunity for a breakthrough and miracle to occur. And because I know that eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard nor have minds begun to imagine all that God has prepared for those who love Him, we are determined to wait with expectancy for God to do super-abundantly and infinitely beyond anything that we could ask or think according to HIS SPIRIT that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20).

I invite you to do the same.

As always I would like to thank everyone who has already purchased their copy of, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, and for taking the time to recommend it to others. This book allows me to share my light and to make a difference in the world through transparency and encouragement.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, please make sure to do so on Amazon.

Lastly, I have also revised my Encouragement for Your Journey website, where you can find articles that I have written, radio spots and podcasts that I have been featured on; along with the author spotlight and local newspaper article that was written recently about my journey to becoming an author.

I also have been striving to utilize social media more. Along with Facebook, Twitter has become my new platform for sharing daily inspirational thoughts and quotes. If you are not currently following me on Twitter and would like to do so, my Twitter handle is @brandi_NY2MD.

As I continue to navigate the course that is set before me, my desire to keep each of you inspired and empowered along your individual paths won’t ever dissipate.

Be Blessed!!



Who Am I? I Am An Underdog

Who Am I?

Those are the three words that have popped up in my head, off and on ever since my book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS – Daily Encouragement through God’s Word, Personal Testimonies and Songs, was published.

Lord knows that I will forever give Him all the glory, honor and praise. And each day when I reach for my book, it represents so much to me. It symbolizes all that the enemy tried relentlessly to convince me would result in my demise or forever keep my disqualified. But it also symbolizes just a snapshot (even though the book is 558 pages), of the countless examples of just how amazing, faithful and true our God is.

And yet, the question, “Who Am I,” continued to swirl around.

Although I have met numerous individuals throughout the 40 years the Lord has blessed me to see thus far, I’m not the Priscilla Shirer’s, Joyce Meyer’s, T.D. Jakes’ or Sarah Jakes Robert’s of the world. So “Who Am I” to think that I could not only write a book, but for it to be a daily devotional UNLIKE any other one that has ever been created before?

Who does that? I don’t have the established name or brand, nor do I have the following that others have.

BUT, what I DO have is the Lord and His beautiful grace that has been extended to me. Before He ever placed me in my mother’s womb, the Lord had Your Soul’s Navigational GPS and all that He intended to do through it, written into the days of my life.

And as I look back over all that I have experienced from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood, I can see how every single day was preparing me for what the Lord would call me to share in Your Soul’s Navigational GPS.

So once again, Who Am I?

I am an UNDERDOG, who serves the God of the underdogs. I am a daughter of the Most High, who knows that I can do ANYTHING through Christ who strengthens me. I am one who stands on the promise that before the Lord formed me, He knew me and before I was born, He sanctified me and ordained me a prophet to the NATIONS.

Who Am I?

I am a jewel in His crown, who recognizes that when God’s SUPER meets my natural, I will see Him do super-abundantly and infinitely beyond ANYTHING that I could ever ask or think according to His power that is at work within me.

Who Am I?

I am weak. I am flawed. I make mistakes and fall short. But I am also one who LOVES the Lord and strives each day to live righteously, to stay faithful and obedient to Him; so that He gets the glory in all that I say and do.

Who Am I?

I am one who realizes that how things begin are no indicator to how they will end. I am grateful that my earthly heritage does not decide who I am, where I will go or what I shall obtain. It is my heavenly heritage that has the final say.


And so I rejoice and praise Him in advance, as I wait with expectancy to see all that He intends to do in my life with this book and all that I have yet accomplish through Him.

For the doors that couldn’t have been opened until Your Soul’s Navigational GPS was completed, I am grateful. For the doors that had to be closed shut, so I would not get distracted and off course from where God desires for me to be, I am grateful. For the opportunity to introduce something new to the world in a way where credit cannot be given to anyone BUT God, I am MOST grateful.

I am going to keep promoting and encouraging the purchase of my book, because it’s NOT a coincidence or happenstance, that out of ALL the people (past, present and those still yet to be born) that God could have chosen to write a daily devotional unlike any other that has been created……

Each day, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, ministers to me in ways that only God could orchestrate. It is my desire for each of you to have that same experience. Make sure to order your copy at either one of the Amazon or Barnes and Noble links provided below. And please don’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS on Amazon.

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS on Barnes and Noble.

As always, thank you for being a part of my journey and for your support.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!








Appreciate The Small Beginnings

What a weekend it has been my Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!

I am here to encourage and empower everyone who has the opportunity to read this blog, to keep trusting and believing in the Lord. Just WAIT on Him and do not allow yourself to grow weary in well doing, because in due season we shall reap, IF we faint not (Galatians 6:9).

When the decision was made that it was time for me to bring everything together so that my book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, could be published, it brought out anxieties that I didn’t even know that I had because everything about my journey to becoming an author and getting my book published was unconventional.

But as soon as those anxieties attempted to rear their bothersome heads, I spoke the Word of God over my situation and got excited to see how God was going to move and accomplish the things that He had already promised He would.

Now that I have the book in my possession, I am more focused and determined to promote and market it to THE NATIONS because I truly believe that no matter who you are or where you are, we can all use some encouragement and inspiration.

My book is unlike any other daily devotional you have seen or read because the times we are living in are unlike any other.

Glancing over at Your Soul’s Navigational GPS on my table, fills me with so much gratitude, but also reminds me of how much this Encouragement for Your Journey daily blog has been a blessing to me each and everyday.

What started off as a motivational Monday morning email to about thirty (30) family members and close friends, whom resided here within the United States, eventually evolved into the daily blog that many of you had become accustomed to receiving and that grew to a few hundred following between email, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; both here in the United States and across international waters.

The opportunity to increase the number of individuals that I could share the message of God’s goodness with, has always been important to me.

It has equally been my desire to continuously empower and inspire others through transparency and God’s Word. Whether sharing what the Lord has placed upon my heart with only one or one million, the message doesn’t change. I recognize that all that I have encountered was preparing me for a time such as this.

And that was why, on Friday, I was so overwhelmed and cloaked in a garment of praise and thankfulness because of the divine connection and door that ONLY GOD could have opened for me.

If you’re not aware, there is an amazing publication called, Today’s Purpose Woman Magazine. Today’s Purpose Woman is a magazine and blog that encourages and empowers today’s woman, to live a higher purpose – God’s purpose for their lives. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out the website.

On Friday, the magazine made the announcement that I would be the newest writing partner, who would be contributing articles monthly to the magazine. Isn’t God so amazing and faithful?!?!

Not only does this God-directed opportunity provide me with the platform to speak to the hearts and inspire an even greater audience, but it also presents me with the chance for more divine connections to be established; as I continue pressing forward for my Encouragement for Your Journey ministry and all the projects that are birthed from it to be elevated to that international and global ministry that God has already declared it would be.

From weekly emails, to a daily blog, to a newly published book and now opportunities to accomplish kingdom work through writing and speaking on platforms that I didn’t even know existed prior to the book being published, I give God ALL the glory.

In each communication that I create, I will close reminding each of you that if you haven’t ordered your copy of Your Soul’s Navigational GPS yet, please do so and don’t forget to recommend it to others. I know that anyone who purchases it will be blessed by it.

Here is the link to order the book: Your Soul’s Navigational GPS For Sale.

Remember to ALWAYS appreciate your small beginnings because it is during those times that God is preparing you for those GREATER things of Him.

Be Blessed!!


A Little Bit More About The Book

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Yesterday, I stepped outside my comfort zone and did a video to let everyone know about the OFFICIAL release of Your Soul’s Navigational GPS.

Today, I’m attempting to come more and more out of my shell, when it comes to communicating via video.

I know that in order to go where I have not gone before, I must do what I have not done previously.

The video above, gives a little more insight into the book and I wanted to have an opportunity to give those who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person, but who have been a constant source of support, the chance to put a face and voice to the name that has been sending daily blogs or communicating with them via the Internet for the past few years.

As always, I appreciate your time and support.

Be Blessed!!



Good Afternoon Everyone,

To say that I am excited and overjoyed, is a true understatement. The Lord is doing so many new things in my life and this book is just one of them.

I can’t believe that my first book is OFFICIALLY RELEASED AS OF TODAY!!!

I am so grateful and will continue to submit to God’s plan for my life.

I have included a video that I wanted to share with each of you on this day!!

I thank all of you once again for your support. I know this is just the beginning!!

Be Blessed!!!



Happy Monday Everyone,

I pray that this Monday afternoon finds each of you and your families doing well.

I can’t believe that THIS TIME next week, my first book will be OFFICIALLY RELEASED.

For those of you who have already pre-ordered, THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting what the Lord has given me to share with each of you. For those who haven’t pre-ordered the book yet, it is my sincerest hope that you will.

There is so much going on around us and I’m here to tell you that the reason why I am still able to have joy, peace and walk around with a smile on my face is because, no matter what the news outlets have to report, the God we serve is greater than it all.

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, is here to serve as a source of encouragement to you and those around you. My family has had a front row seat throughout this entire process and is so excited about all that God is doing. My six year old has said that she can’t wait to start reading the book herself.

The thought of all that, is so unbelievable to me. But our God is able to do the unbelievable and impossible if we just believe and are obedient to His Word.

I must also do my part, which is completely outside of my comfort zone because I don’t like having to sell anything. As I have shared numerous times, I don’t even like asking people to purchase from my children’s school or extra-curricular fundraisers, therefore I would always buy just enough items, so that they could get a prize (haha).

But this is different because with all that God has shown me regarding Him and with all that He has brought me through, none of that was ever meant for me to keep to myself.

I truly believe that everyone who purchases my book, will be blessed by it. This book contains pages from the book that is MY LIFE. And I am so grateful that my assignment is in alignment with God’s will.

I am determined to keep promoting the book and to continue utilizing all of the resources available to me so that I have the opportunity to reach each of you and others that I wouldn’t normally have a chance to connect with.

Many of you have used your social media platforms to promote the book as well and saying, “Thank you,” doesn’t even begin to emphasize the gratitude that I feel.

This is just the beginning of what the Lord is calling me to do with my Encouragement for Your Journey ministry and your continuous support is very important.

Here is the link again to pre-order my book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS.

With this book, I am expecting God to accomplish and move in a way that is EXCEEDINGLY and INFINITELY BEYOND anything that I could ever ask or think of.

I will continue to PRAISE the name of the Lord and give Him ALL the glory, while on the mission to encourage more pre-orders and opportunities for promoting.

Now and forever, may God continue to bless each of you beyond measure!!


My Book Is Ready For PRE-ORDER….I’m OFFICIALLY An Author!!!!

My Encouragement for Your Journey Family,

TODAY IS THE DAY!! My first book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, has been completed and is now available for PRE-ORDER. The OFFICIAL RELEASE date for the book is Monday, May 15, 2017.

This whole experience has been so humbling and surreal for me. I remember being eight years old and writing short stories to read to my dolls. I told myself back then that one day I would be a teacher and an author.

God placed that dream and so many others inside of me at such a young age and even when I had temporarily forgotten about them, He was working behind the scenes on my behalf and bringing together every little detail, so that what I thought was a dream, would in His timing, come to be reality.

Your Soul’s Navigational GPS is a book that is intended to be more than just a 365-day devotional. I have always had a heart for people and desired nothing more than to be a source of encouragement to everyone I have come into contact with. My book, has been birthed out of the life lessons that I have acquired during those seasons when I thought I had it all figured out and could do it all on my own, when I felt all alone and couldn’t tell my left from my right and then those seasons when I truly began to understand what happens when we put God first and surrender it all to Him.

It’s a book that I pray will minister to you and provide encouragement no matter who you are, where you are or what you may be facing. Unlike other 365-day devotionals, this book is not date or page-driven; where the book is read in page order. With my book, it is my desire that you will allow your soul to guide you, to the page(s) that you choose to read.

In this book, I selected 365 different verses that have a personal testimony and a suggested song of meditation included with each one. What I love is that the way one page may minister to someone on one day, can have a totally different meaning a week, month, year or ten years down the road.

When I stop and think about where I would be, if it hadn’t been for the goodness of the Lord; that is the entire premise that this book is rooted in. I know that in NO WAY am I perfect but I HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN and I want my life, my words and my actions to reflect just how grateful I am for that. For I know that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

This is just the beginning. In the midst of this book being published, the Lord gave me the vision and title for my next book. But for now, my focus is on Your Soul’s Navigational GPS and all that the Lord desires to do in and through me by way of this first book.

One of my dreams is to be a motivational speaker and I recognize that completing this book, was just one of the steps I needed to accomplish, in preparation for that to happen.

I am very thankful for each of you and the role you have had in my life. As I work towards fulfilling the call that the Lord has for me, I pray that you will continue to be a part of my journey.

It is my sincerest wish that you will support my Encouragement for Your Journey ministry by purchasing the book; along with promoting and sharing the link to pre-order the book with others via email, text, church ministries, community and youth organizations and/or other social media platforms that you may utilize on a day-to-day basis.

Be encouraged and know that GREATER is indeed coming!! May God continue to bless each of you and your families beyond measure.

And with nothing but gratefulness overflowing from my heart, I share with each of you the link to pre-order Your Soul’s Navigational GPS.

I thank all of you in advance for your support, as I enter this next chapter in my life.

Many Blessings,


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