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My Trust Is In The Heart Of The Lord

With my FIRST BOOK being just DAYS away from being available for pre-order (YAY!!), you can BEST believe that I have been encountering spiritual warfare on levels that I haven’t previously. These tests and trials, have been challenging me to display an undeniably unswerving faith and trust in the Lord.

Being someone who was told years back that my vision was better than 20/20, I interpreted that to mean that I would have the ability to view things ever-so clearly, without any hindrances or obstructions. Oh, my goodness, how wrong I was. My vision was limited and impaired on numerous levels. My retinas had lens of brokenness and generational curses that everything was being transmitted and filtered through. What made it worse, was that I allowed what was presented in front me, to influence my thoughts, feelings and actions.

God, did instruct us, not to lean unto our own understanding, right?

I used to have difficulty with that one, because I wanted to believe the adage that said, “Seeing is believing.” That phrase will set you up for failure and get you hemmed up, if what you are seeing and how you choose to proceed is not coming from the trust that you have in the Word and the heart of the Lord.

These days, because my relationship with the Lord is stronger and I meditate daily on His Word, I don’t allow external circumstances to affect me, the way they used to. I have come to know the heart of the Lord in ways I didn’t even realize were possible. And now that my natural sight is in alignment with God’s will for my life, you can say that a spiritual LASIK procedure has taken place. I can properly focus on the realities of heaven, instead of the temporal situations, that I encounter day to day.

I will ALWAYS trust the heart of the Lord more than my very own sight, because I am flawed and will make mistakes. But, I rejoice knowing that our God is PERFECT in all His ways, His promises are proven TRUE, He KNOWS the thoughts and plans that He has for us and He loves us with an EVERLASTING love.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!


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