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Don’t Be Confined To The Opinions Of Others

It is my prayer that when you arose this morning, you did so with a heart of GRATITUDE, remembering not just who you are, but WHOSE you are. I say that because I think a lot of times we get so caught up in what other people’s perception of us is, that we lose sight of who we really belong to.

I must admit that I have been SO guilty of that myself. I have spent most of my life more concerned about what people thought about me, or the words that had been spoken about or against me, than I was on remembering who God says I am. I didn’t ever want anyone to have a negative thought about me and that drove me to stay in situations I had no business in or dealing with individuals I had no business ever having a connection to. My reason for behaving in this manner was because I just wanted to be accepted; to receive that approval.

It didn’t matter if the person or situation didn’t have any intentions to do me well, I thought if I just tried a little harder, loved a little stronger or stuck around a little longer, that would be a game changer. The reality is, it shouldn’t have ever been a game to begin with. Nothing about this life we live is a game and it’s way too precious to be treated as such. What I didn’t know and then had to admit/recognize was that I was serving two masters. I wanted to please God and please man. You don’t even need to have a culinary degree to see the recipe for disaster that was. Man doesn’t have a heaven or hell to send me to. Man will disappoint, lie, mistreat and come up short. Our God isn’t capable of ANY of these traits.

It was through my brokenness and spiritual immaturity that God showed me and I was reminded of who I am. We are, the CHOSEN ones. While I was waiting to be chosen and accepted by others, God had already hand-selected me to be on the receiving end of His favor, mercy, grace and spiritual blessings.

We know that the tongue has the power to speak life and death. When we allow others to speak over us, instead of claiming who God has said we are, we grant the enemy way too much access into our lives. As the chosen ones, WE ARE God’s very own; His heirs. WE ARE fearfully and wonderfully made, the salt of the earth, the light of the world, more than conquerors, the head and not the tail, the lender and not the borrower and placed above and not beneath.

As a chosen people, we have been set aside and called out, to be ambassadors for Christ; sharing with others just how GREAT our God is.

Don’t allow your self-worth and value to be confined to the opinions of others. When you believe what the Lord says about you, that frees you to SOAR.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!


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