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I Surrender All


I remember being online one day when I was working on my blog and I saw a quote that read, “Your lifestyle reveals your LIFE-source.”

I am constantly putting myself on what I call, the “check-o-meter”. It’s a form of checks and balances that I have in place, because I want to know, each day, that who I am and how I live is reflecting that I have adopted surrendering as a lifestyle and that Jesus is the SOURCE of my life.

From the words that leave my mouth, to the actions that my limbs take part in, I desire for ALL of it to be used for God’s good and righteous purposes and NOT as tools of wickedness.

I aspire to be a vessel that God can utilize for the advancement of His kingdom. Therefore, I need to represent the new creation that I am through Christ; one who has been brought from death to life.

For His love, grace and mercy that are illimitable and all the ways that the Lord has delivered me, healed me, kept me and provided for me I am here to give Him MORE and MORE. I surrender ALL to Him and my faith is unwavering. Whatever He tells me to do, I will do. Wherever He tells me to go, I will go.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!


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