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I’m Moving On Up And Refuse To Come Back Down


Because I am a words of affirmation person and for much of my life have sought the acceptance and validation from others, it would pain me deeply when I would pursue the dreams that the Lord had placed inside of me, just to have it met with rejection and/or much criticism.

I mean, how could anyone not be supportive or encouraging as I worked to fulfill the calling that had been placed on my life?

It was during those moments when I felt ostracized, that the Lord was right there by my side reminding me that I don’t ever have to worry about being alone; and that by striving to accomplish what He had called me to do, I already had all the support, encouragement and anything else I could ever need IN HIM.

Plus, my seasons of serving two masters (yikes!) were OVER!!! My acceptance and affirmation come from knowing that God chose ME, redeemed ME and called ME by name; I am HIS (Isaiah 43:1). I also stand on the truth that before He formed me in the womb HE KNEW ME, HE SET ME APART and APPOINTED ME a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:5).

Those truths and so many more, that I have uncovered studying the Word of God, are why I can’t allow the reactions of others nor the relationships that have gone astray to get me distracted as I go higher in the Lord.

And I was born a Jefferson, so I was destined to “Move On Up” anyway (or so I was told by the theme song to the popular mid 70’s and 80’s television sitcom  — smile).

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!


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