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What Do Times Of Adversity Say About Me And My Relationship With God?


Trials are going to come, that will require us to have to suffer temporarily. I think that the last part of that sentence gets forgotten. When we are going through a rough time in our lives, we can get so caught up and distracted by the trial itself that we lose sight of what God is trying to show and teach us.

At times, we also forget that each trial is temporal, comes with its own expiration date and won’t ever be more than we can bear. When we realize that the tests, trials and challenges that we come up against are for our betterment and development, our perspective on the storms of life begin to shift.

We may have problems, but our problems DO NOT have us. God doesn’t need for us to remind Him of how big we think our problems are. Instead we should be reminding our problems of how BIG our GOD is.

I want my children and others to see that because of my faith in the Lord, I can endure tough times with integrity and trusting God; even when I may not know why everything is occurring in the manner to which it is or what the resolution may be. What I do know is that I have God’s unrelenting support. Therefore, I can say, without any doubts, that after-while my trials and tribulations shall pass because of God’s grace.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!



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