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Happy New Year’s Eve


Over the years I have learned the importance of reflecting instead of reverting. Reflecting and recalling past situations is fine, if we do it as a means of recognizing just how far God has brought us from and all the provisions He constantly makes on our behalf. Reflecting is a source of confidence and empowerment for me because I am given countless examples of how God’s love, grace, mercy and favor rules over my life.

Now sometimes as we look back, we get stuck on a past circumstance that God has already delivered us from. We grab hold of it again and revert back to past ways of thinking and acting or end up inviting unhealthy and unproductive energy back into our lives that God never intended for us. We are new creations through Christ and so there is no room to revert back to those poverty mindsets, toxic situations and unproductive lifestyles.

I’m really not one for creating New Year’s resolutions, because I have resolved to trust in and wait on the One who has had all my days handwritten for me, long before any of them came to be.

We can’t win the race that is before us, if while we are running, we are constantly looking behind us.

With all that has happened to and for me in 2016, I cannot wait to see what is ahead. I am so grateful for the God that we serve and I know that GREATER is coming!!

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!! Lord willing, see you next year!!!


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