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We Must Do Our Part


There was a word that I needed to hear earlier day and I am so grateful that through viewing the online service from my old church in Maryland, I was able to receive that message.

As I prepare for the release of my 365-day devotional book within the next three months (Thank You Jesus), the enemy has been so relentless and committed to trying to get me off course.

But today I was reminded of how imperative it is for us to do our part and handle the responsibilities that God has already given us if we desire to see Him move in the midst of our situations.

The faith that we have in the Lord should motivate us to walk with humility, serving others; instead of serving sides, where good deeds and acts of obedience do not get accomplished.

As we journey the path set before us, we MUST do our part.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!


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