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Appreciate The Small Beginnings

What a weekend it has been my Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!

I am here to encourage and empower everyone who has the opportunity to read this blog, to keep trusting and believing in the Lord. Just WAIT on Him and do not allow yourself to grow weary in well doing, because in due season we shall reap, IF we faint not (Galatians 6:9).

When the decision was made that it was time for me to bring everything together so that my book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, could be published, it brought out anxieties that I didn’t even know that I had because everything about my journey to becoming an author and getting my book published was unconventional.

But as soon as those anxieties attempted to rear their bothersome heads, I spoke the Word of God over my situation and got excited to see how God was going to move and accomplish the things that He had already promised He would.

Now that I have the book in my possession, I am more focused and determined to promote and market it to THE NATIONS because I truly believe that no matter who you are or where you are, we can all use some encouragement and inspiration.

My book is unlike any other daily devotional you have seen or read because the times we are living in are unlike any other.

Glancing over at Your Soul’s Navigational GPS on my table, fills me with so much gratitude, but also reminds me of how much this Encouragement for Your Journey daily blog has been a blessing to me each and everyday.

What started off as a motivational Monday morning email to about thirty (30) family members and close friends, whom resided here within the United States, eventually evolved into the daily blog that many of you had become accustomed to receiving and that grew to a few hundred following between email, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; both here in the United States and across international waters.

The opportunity to increase the number of individuals that I could share the message of God’s goodness with, has always been important to me.

It has equally been my desire to continuously empower and inspire others through transparency and God’s Word. Whether sharing what the Lord has placed upon my heart with only one or one million, the message doesn’t change. I recognize that all that I have encountered was preparing me for a time such as this.

And that was why, on Friday, I was so overwhelmed and cloaked in a garment of praise and thankfulness because of the divine connection and door that ONLY GOD could have opened for me.

If you’re not aware, there is an amazing publication called, Today’s Purpose Woman Magazine. Today’s Purpose Woman is a magazine and blog that encourages and empowers today’s woman, to live a higher purpose – God’s purpose for their lives. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out the website.

On Friday, the magazine made the announcement that I would be the newest writing partner, who would be contributing articles monthly to the magazine. Isn’t God so amazing and faithful?!?!

Not only does this God-directed opportunity provide me with the platform to speak to the hearts and inspire an even greater audience, but it also presents me with the chance for more divine connections to be established; as I continue pressing forward for my Encouragement for Your Journey ministry and all the projects that are birthed from it to be elevated to that international and global ministry that God has already declared it would be.

From weekly emails, to a daily blog, to a newly published book and now opportunities to accomplish kingdom work through writing and speaking on platforms that I didn’t even know existed prior to the book being published, I give God ALL the glory.

In each communication that I create, I will close reminding each of you that if you haven’t ordered your copy of Your Soul’s Navigational GPS yet, please do so and don’t forget to recommend it to others. I know that anyone who purchases it will be blessed by it.

Here is the link to order the book: Your Soul’s Navigational GPS For Sale.

Remember to ALWAYS appreciate your small beginnings because it is during those times that God is preparing you for those GREATER things of Him.

Be Blessed!!


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