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Faith In God Also Requires Faith In His Timing

When I submitted my manuscript to my publisher last October, I did so, with the intention of having my book in my hand on my 40th birthday, which was November 27, 2016.

Welllllllll, as we see that did NOT happen.

At first, I felt disheartened and a little defeated because I just knew that having the book published by that date would have been so special. Looking back, I can see that I wasn’t asking the Lord for HIS will to be done, but I was hoping for a little of my own will to prevail.

That’s a definite NO NO!!

I have, NOTHING BUT, faith in the Lord and what He has called me do. But in this instance, I realized once again, that I couldn’t/shouldn’t eliminate GOD’S TIMING from the equation.

Since the moment, I decided to stop shying away from taking my ministry to the next level, the enemy has been there at every turn, trying to make me question and doubt, what I KNOW the Lord has placed inside me to do.

Ignoring the enemy and focusing on the promises that the Lord has made over my life, hasn’t ever been the hard part. Recognizing that oftentimes our clock won’t match up with God’s, COULD cause someone to get discouraged. But, I REJOICE knowing that we serve an ON TIME God.

God has had all the days that were ordained for us, written in His book before any of them took shape and ever came to be. Not only that, but I have come to learn that I do NOT want anything that is not God’s will for my life NOR do I desire to accomplish or acquire anything any sooner than the Lord has already predetermined that I should.

When I reflect on, so many previous circumstances and the time-frames I had given for there to be resolution, I shudder to think of ALL that I would have missed out on, had God’s timing been aligned with mine.

My book, along with everything else in my life, will happen at the appointed time God has set and I am SO GOOD with that.

Time and time again, I am reminded that having faith in God, requires faith in His TIMING as well.

Be Blessed My Encouragement for Your Journey Family!!!


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