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First I Became A Publisher Author….Now I Have My First Magazine Appearance — Thank You God!!

When I look back over each day that I have been blessed to live thus far, I am so grateful. No matter what each day entailed, I have counted it ALL joy; knowing that it was preparing me for a time such as this.

There was a specific purpose that God had for my life. It began 11 years ago with my AMJ: A Mother’s Journey clothing line and then it transitioned to AMJ: A Memorable Journey (my wedding and event planning business). But something was missing and so over five years ago I began sending out weekly Monday morning inspirational emails to a select group of friends and family, which transformed into a daily blog that began reaching people here in the US, in the Caribbean, Europe, Russia and everywhere in between.

But there was still more work to do and when the Lord told me it was time to write my book, Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, my initial thought was, “Who am I to create a devotional that would be written, packaged and presented in a way unlike any other devotional written before it?” And that was when God said, “You’re my daughter who has been adopted back into that heavenly heritage, is there anything too impossible for me to do and through you?” And I knew the answer, “Absolutely not.”

So, I put the questions to rest and on May 15th my first book was published. Standing on my faith, climbing out the boat and stepping out onto the water, where ALL I had as my anchor was the Lord, who in actuality was all I needed anyway, was the BEST thing I could have ever done and has created opportunities and divine connections that would not have been possible if I had given up or stopped believing in what the Lord had spoken over my life.

Now today in the mail, I received my copy of Today’s Purpose Woman Magazine’s Fall Issue, where my role as writing partner is emphasized, one of my articles is printed inside and listed on the front cover and a pretty awesome book ad, for Your Soul’s Navigational GPS, is included.

NONE of this would be possible without the Lord and I know this is only the beginning. As I strive to be the atmosphere changer and instrument of inspiration and encouragement that the Lord has called me to be, I also desire to leave a legacy that reflects just how AMAZING the Lord has been in my life. My great-grandchildren’s children WILL know my name!! BELIEVE THAT!!

Because of that and so so much more, I say, “Thank you Lord, GREAT is thy faithfulness!!”

Whether via the purchase of Your Soul’s Navigational GPS on Amazon,  my Encouragement for Your Journey blog posts, my Today’s Purpose Woman articles (that can be found under the “Articles” tab here on my Encouragement for Your Journey website) or any other platforms that the Lord creates or orchestrates for me; my prayer is to keep each of you inspired and empowered as you strive to live your life ON PURPOSE.

Be Blessed!!


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