Feedback About The Blog

1 – Wow.. what can I say… I read your posts on Facebook all the time and can clearly see that it is a ministry. Go forth and give the glory to His name! I love you Brandi!  – Maisha S.

2- Great message, Brandi. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us. I enjoy reading these and pray that others find comfort in reading these messages. – Eraina M.

3- Thank you so much for this post. Your words and the song have truly ministered to me today! – Jeanne T.

4- Brandi, I thank God for your journey and your desire to do His will. We all benefit from your posts. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing the God in you. Sharing what He puts on our hearts gives people a glimpse of Heaven on earth. I love you sweet cousin and I look forward to your expansion. God bless.– Krystalyn S.

5- Wow! Mrs. Jeff-Mott! That was so powerful! Thank you for sharing. As I sit here tonight enduring my trial, I will “count it all joy” knowing that my faith is being perfected! – Angela W.

6- I am so grateful that I came across your Encouragement for the Journey page a couple of months ago. Your messages have blessed me so much. Keep doing what you’re doing my sister. – LaMisa F.

7- “Unlike the severe thunderstorms that we just encountered, in life we won’t always get the National Weather Service alert or have the privilege of seeing the clouds change or hear the winds shift to know that our valleys are about to be restored and replenished.” Sister, this just blessed my soul! Thank you for your encouraging words. So thankful that our God is ALWAYS at work! – Shavon W.

8- Whooo Sis, it’s like fire shut up in my bones. I can literally “FEEL” the Spirit all in and through this as I’m reading I rejoice with you. I am in awe and am deeply moved by your level of faith in the upcoming book I marvel at the many confirmations the Lord has given related to this move. Your assertion compels me to pray even bolder prayers and to believe God to do even bigger than I ask or imagine. I eagerly look forward to holding my copy in hand and reading it with my daughter. – Tyra L.

9- This is such an amazing testimony. I am so encouraged that if he did for you, he will do it for me. This is the year of restoration for me and mine too. – Karen W.

10 – This was right on time. Thank you for the confirmation that God has given us the grace to do what we are called to do. Praise God for your willingness to fulfill His bigger dream for your life! – Dr. Celeste O.

11- I so needed this! Brandi continue to let God use you! This was right on time. Thank you! – Larniece S.

12- Brandi your articles are always encouraging, thank you for your transparency. I’m more encouraged because of it! I love you Sis!!! – Joy B.

13- Congratulations Babee!!! So proud of the ministry work you’re doing and the inspiration that you have been. Your journey encourages us to stay on task, never losing sight of God’s mercy and love for us in spite of our shortcomings. This year has been trying but will get better as God continued to bless and keep us. Here’s to you my Love! – Christopher M.



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